Out of the mouths of the babes

I was getting out 2 cookies for Stan and myself to have tonight with tea, and Stan happened to ask about the box of girl scout cookies he noticed in the pantry. I told him they were still sealed, but that he could open them. He said, that no, that way they were zero calories 😉 At which point Connor, carefully listening to and absorbing this whole exchange, chimes in: “I want a calorie. Give me a calorie please!”  Both of us just melted into a puddle. How could you not give that little guy a cookie?

After he finished his cookie he piped up again: “I need another calorie! I need lots of calories!” 🙂 No kidding son. You DO need to grow, you know 🙂


Later tonight, Edward, our 4-year-old,  decided to be a bit philosophical too:
 “You know what’s interesting? Connor is only one, and he talks so well! That’s very amazing!” 🙂

These two boys never stop to amaze me with their pearls of wisdom 😉


About simplemotherhood

My name is Irina. I blog over at https://simplemotherhood.wordpress.com/ about the joys and challenges of motherhood, our love of travel and how we manage to travel all around the world with 3 children. I also love reading, saving money, and everything from gardening, healthy living, and frugality to scrapbooking, menu planning, and tea parties. I enjoy decorating, organizing, and homeschooling my children.
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