Just another spring day

Today turned out to be a busy day. Despite still feeling weak (from the cold I’ve been battling over the past 10 days) and just general tiredness that comes with being pregnant, I had a lot on my never-ending to-do list.

I’ve been washing all the winter coats, snow pants, hats, scarves, mittens, etc. for the past couple of days… only to find out that there’s 8-10 inches of snow in the forecast for this Friday. Now, I’m generally used to having snow at the end of March (I think we’ve pretty much had it every spring that we’ve been here, for the past 8 years), but April? Please! I am so SICK of snow, since this winter was way snowier and colder than any of our previous New England winters, plus we already had our end-of-March snow last week. Anyway, maybe all that washing was in vain (hoping to put things away), since I’ll have to get them out again for this Friday… Oh, well… We’ll see.

I want to share some precious pictures from today with all of you. My two sweet boys LOVE to read together, and very often I find them just like that – side by side, reading. This time they climbed into Connor’s crib (they do that sometimes, to play, or snuggle, or read) and Edward was reading “Millions of Cats” to Connor, while Connor was “reading” his own book (he likes to look at another book while Edward is reading to him). Such a sweet moment – I love to see them growing in their love of books together!

Connor noticed me taking pictures and was all smiles 🙂

I also get to witness Edward’s gymnastics practice in our hallway (every day, very faithfully), when he works on his splits, hand stands, and bridges. He also loves to go hang on his rings (we have a pair for him in the basement to practice on).

He practices even on days like today, when he has gymnastics class in the afternoon. He loves gymnastics and looks forward to it every single week! He’s been in it since he was 2 (it was his idea to start gymnastics, not mine) and he hasn’t regretted it once, and neither have we, seeing how very good he is (he’s only 4!) and how much potential he has.

I also had to take his picture from his class today – this boy just loves the rings! He is so strong, it’s amazing! He’s the youngest boy in his afterschool beginner class (other boys are all 5.5-6 years old) and he’s by far the best! And I’m not just saying that, although I am certainly proud of my little sportsman 🙂

I also had to run to Walmart today to buy some bins for putting some stuff away in the basement, then the bank, then some other errands. But the highlight of the day for both kids (and probably for me, since I got almost 1.5 hours of time all to myself to read!) was their Bible Club’s end-of-year celebration pajama party, where they played a bunch of fun games and feasted on more sweets than they’ve probably seen in their entire lives 😉

But then again, just look at those sweet faces snuggling again 🙂 Don’t they both look so happy? They’ve had a long and tiring day!

And yes, I know they both need haircuts 😉 It’s on the list for the next few upcoming days. My husband’s just been not wanting me to take them in for haircuts since it’s been so cold here, but I AM hoping it will be spring someday again and that warmth WILL come 😉


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