Annual spring replanting adventure

I’ve been quite busy yesterday and too tired to post about my indoor gardening escapades. It took me about 4 hours (with the help of my little helpers, of course, and  a lot of explaining on my part of why things had to be done in a certain way, but we turned it into a homeschooling opportunity) to replant all of my indoor plants (I always want to say “flowers”, but only 2 of the plants have blooms on them, and my little cactus is also thinking of blooming, so I’ll keep referring to all of them collectively as “plants”). I try to do this unthankful job every spring, putting all my plants in bigger pots, using nice Miracle-Gro soil, trimming off excess and generally grooming them. Sometimes I have to replant things in the summer or fall too (say, if I get new plants), but generally I try to keep the bulk of it to spring.

I usually dread this task for a few weeks beforehand, because I know how much work (including moving large heavy pots) is involved, but afterwards I do like the “orderly look” of all my newly repotted plants. They look so green and cheerful in their little matching pots – makes my heart want to sing, especially when sunshine hits our living room windows and they all soak up the sunrays with their newly cleaned leaves 🙂

I generally hope for the best and that all of the plants make it through the replant and some rough treatment (I did say I had helpers), and so far none have died 🙂 But it’s only been one day. When we first moved to this house 3 years ago, and I bought quite a few new houseplants back then, a lot of them didn’t make it through the first winter and died. I was so sad, but then I decided that even if they gave me joy for a short time, it was all worth it. So, ever since, I usually try to stick to similar kinds of plants that seem to work (none of the tropical kinds – it’s too cold for that here 🙂

What are your favorite house plants? Would you care to share with us in the comments?


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My name is Irina. I blog over at about the joys and challenges of motherhood, our love of travel and how we manage to travel all around the world with 3 children. I also love reading, saving money, and everything from gardening, healthy living, and frugality to scrapbooking, menu planning, and tea parties. I enjoy decorating, organizing, and homeschooling my children.
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