On importance of mom pampering

We as moms don’t get pampered enough. I can attest to that full well. I can’t remember when was the last time I got a massage, a facial, or even a manicure…

Today, our MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) had our first-hopefully-annual Spa Day. It was so much fun! Not a real spa, but exciting for moms nonetheless. It provided a sampling of things that allowed us to relax and remember that we moms are human beings too, even in the midst of taking care of all the poopy diapers and feeding hungry mouths.

We set up the gym of the church where we meet with various stations – massage station (my absolute favorite), nail painting station, skincare and makeup tips station (manned by a Mary Kay lady), tips on easy entertainment (manned by a Tastefully Simple consultant), jewelry station (a lady from Premier Design Jewelry was at that table), as well as a quiet prayer and relaxation station (with candles, magazines, etc.), yoga station (with Yoga DVDs going and a Yoga mat for those who wanted to try it out). And, of course, the Chocolate Fountain with a bunch of yummy goodies to dip into warm melted chocolate! It was fun! We also had fun giveaways (each vendor offered a little something) and I made up two gift baskets for giveaways with various Spa-related things (things that I got on sale with coupons, of course 🙂

My favorite was getting a whole body massage and a hand massage later. It felt so relaxing. I totally felt like I could just fall asleep.

All in all, it was a great morning. Moms went home relaxed and rejuvenated, I hope. At least for a little while they didn’t have to worry about their little ones running around, they could just relax… and be WOMEN!

Here’s a mental note that we should definitely have a SPA day again next year in our group. Hopefully with even more stations and more moms attending. Here are some fun pictures from today.

Jewelry Station

Spa gift basket 1 ready for a giveaway

Spa gift basket 2 ready for a giveaway

Skincare and makeup station

Prayer and relaxation quiet corner

Simple entertaining tips station

Sampling goodies and getting tips on easy entertaining

Massage station - my favorite!

Hand massages

More hand massages - it's so relaxing!

Whole body massage station

Ladies checking out Mary Kay stand

Checking out pretty jewelry

Some of the pretty jewelry

Trying on some jewelry

Newly painted nails

If you are a mom, how do you get pampered? Do you belong to a moms group, like MOPS? Let us know in the comments.


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My name is Irina. I blog over at https://simplemotherhood.wordpress.com/ about the joys and challenges of motherhood, our love of travel and how we manage to travel all around the world with 3 children. I also love reading, saving money, and everything from gardening, healthy living, and frugality to scrapbooking, menu planning, and tea parties. I enjoy decorating, organizing, and homeschooling my children.
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