Rite Aid and Staples shopping trip

I have been resenting shopping at Rite Aid for quite some time now. I just didn’t want to add yet another store to my shopping routine as well as bother with dealing with their rebate system, then wait for the checks to come, or follow-up, if a rebate check went missing. I much prefer CVS with their extra care bucks that you can roll without any limitations pretty much. That’s the reason I also stopped shopping at Walgreen’s, since I was getting tired of rolling the register rewards. I still do shop at Walgreen’s once in a while, especially if I can just combine sale and a coupon and come out ahead (without the RR). But back to my topic for this post. Anyway, I took a plunge and decided to try out Rite Aid a couple of weeks ago (when they had a lot of awesome freebies after single check rebates). By using coupons in conjunction with those I really came out ahead. But I have to tell you, this week was even better! Even though there weren’t any stellar sales at Rite Aid this week, a couple of things drew my attention to that store. Here’s a picture of everything I got there this past trip.

And here’s more of a close-up of what I got:

Not only did I pay less than $2 for everything you see in the picture, I also walked out of there with $12 in Rite Aid +UP rewards to use as I please on my next transaction. So, basically for buying all these things I made $10! How awesome is that? Here’s how it happened. I had some wonderful $4 off of any 2 rollaids coupons from 6/6 Procter and Gamble (P&G) coupon insert (I think), that I wasn’t sure I would be able to use. You see, I’ve been trying to hunt down 3-roll packages of rollaids at Target and Walmart (that cost $1.99 regularly, so free after coupon) ever since I got the coupons, but to no avail. Those stores have been cleaned out of those. But luckily I held on to my coupons, and was able to score an awesome deal on those rollaids at Rite Aid this week. You see, they were on sale for a mere $1 each this week. So by buying 2 of them for $2, and using a $4 off 2 coupon, it gave me a $2 overage for every two I bought to go towards other items in my order (like milk and water). That bottled water also was a wonderful deal in and of itself (usually $2.50 plus deposit, on sale this week for just $1 plus deposit). So I was able to get all those bottles of water and milk for free from overage from Rollaids coupons. How awesome is that? This bottled water will surely come in handy when we are camping this weekend!

Also, RA had Nivea for Men bodywash on sale this week for only $1.99, and I had previously printed out $4 off any 2 Nivea products (from one of the Nivea Happy Hours on Facebook a while back) , so those were free as well after coupons. But… each of them printed out a $1 +UP reward coupon to be used on the next purchase!!! So again, I made $12 by buying those bodywashes.  Very cool!

I also had to stop by the Staples to get in on their awesome deal of the week – free backpack! Here’s what I got:

The backpack will be essentially free after I get the 100% of the price back on Staples gift card (they better send it! I was upset this morning since I got an automated email from Staples saying “It looks like you returned your backpack and gel pens, therefore we are canceling your rebates”. Not cool! I still have the backpack, pens and all the rest of the stuff, as well as all the receipts showing I purchased them. They better mail me my rebates soon!) and $4.74 Staples easy rebate check for the retractable gel pens, making them only $.25. All the rest of the stuff was really cheap too and I’ll be able to donate most of it this fall.

So, the moral of the story is, even though it didn’t look like a busy week at the stores in turns of coupon shopping, you can still have fun and find a few good deals!

What were you able to score this week? Be sure to share with us in the comments.


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  1. clipper75 says:

    ok, that does sound like a good deal.

    i found some good coupons here: http://www.ebigbargains.com


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