Preserving the Bounty

All the yummy jams and preserves I made recently

This year we have been blessed with a pretty large crop of blackberries that grow wild right on our property. My husband and oldest son have been very diligent pickers of yummy, juicy, ripe berries, and I have been busy trying to preserve the goodness for colder winter days to come. Some of the blackberries got frozen to later go into delicious pies, decadent smoothies, or simply on top of a morning oatmeal:

Frozen blackberries


Some I canned into various jams and preserves. A couple of weeks ago one of our local grocery stores had a good (not-really-amazing, but pretty good) sale on blueberries – $1.25 per pint. We ate so many, and a lot of it I was able to make into blueberry syrup and blueberry jam.

Blueberry syrup

Blueberry Jam

 The blackberries that my boys picked that didn’t get eaten or frozen got made into a yummy blackberry preserves. I tried a bite (while scraping the pot after I was done) and it is to-die-for-delicious! I made some in little tiny 4 oz jars (to give as Christmas gifts) and in big, wide-mouth pint jars:

Blackberry preserves in gift-sized jars

Blackberry preserves in pint jars

 But one of my favorite jams that I made was this new combination, that I just had to try as soon as I saw a recipe. It’s a cherry-berry jam, and it combines strawberries, cherries, and blackberries. It turned out so yummy, we can’t wait to eat it in the winter. Oh, and all of these jams and preserves are very low-sugar. I used just 3 cups per 10 cups of berries on most of them and since I was adding pectin, they jelled up just fine anyway.

Yummy cherry-berry jam

I hope you enjoyed this picture show of what’s been going on in my kitchen lately. What is growing in your garden? Do you can or preserve summer fruit and vegetable goodness somehow? Do you have a favorite canning recipe you would like to share with the rest of our readers? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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