Free summer children’s movies

Are you wondering what to do with your kids in the summer, especially on the rainy days? When you can’t go to the playground or park, to the beach or a lake, being stuck inside with the constant “I’m so bored” or “where are we going to go today?” can’t get to you pretty quickly. How about taking your offsprings to the movies, and better yet, for free? Yes, you heard that right – Regal Entertainment Group is sponsoring free children’s movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10am every week during the summer (be sure to check your state’s availability and times – they can differ by state). There are quite a few states participating in this program too.

Among the favorites that we are planning to see with the kiddos are Polar Express, The Pirates Who Don’t do Anything, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and March of the Penguins (and there are a lot of other fun movies on the list as well). Head over here to check out all the details, find participating locations, and movie listings for your state.


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