Teachers’ Gifts on the Budget

If you are a mommy with school-aged children, you know how hard it can be this time of year to find a nice present for your child teachers, especially if you are on a budget. My oldest son was in preschool this year (today was his last day) and he had two wonderful teachers, whom he adored. We, of course, wanted to thank them at the end of the year and to show that they are very appreciated, so we got them 2 plants (mini-mums, that they can plant in their yards or enjoy inside, if they’d like), got two flexible rulers and wrote on them “thank you for helping me grow”, and then my son told me what text he wanted inside the cards (we included the things that he especially enjoyed during preschool this year as well as things that he appreciated about each teacher specifically). You could also include gift cards with the flowers, but my budget was pretty low this time 🙂 Here are our gifts:

Both of his teachers seemed to really like these, and I felt like it was a little more than just giving them flowers (as many other moms did) or candles or mugs (that, I’m sure, they already have tons of).  Here’s a detail of one of the rulers:

Some other ideas of teachers’ gifts on the budget that come to mind would be:

1) Movie pack (I did that for my son’s teachers at Christmas time). I bought a large plastic popcorn bucket and a set of 2 individual ones, included a box of gourmet microwave popcorn with each, some chocolates, and a movie “Nativity Story” (you could also give a 4-pack of movie tickets instead).

2) Gift cards to teacher supply store or even Target with a card made by a child who was in their class. Very often teachers have to buy their own classrom supplies and don’t get reimbursed from the school, so every bit would help, I’m sure.

3) Something useful your child can make. An example I have here would be a little schoolhouse my son made for one of his aunties (who is also a school teacher). She said she put it on her desk and kept reward stickers and treats for kids in it, and it reminded her of her little nephew 🙂 And my son was able to make it with minimal help from his dad at one of the Lowes’ Build and Grow clinics.

4) A nice inexpensive photo frame with a photo of your child and the teacher together. You could even buy an unfinished photo frame and have your child decorate it for each teacher.

5) A set of cute rubber stamps (again, we did it for my sister-in-law, who is a teacher) with some school-related saying on them, like “well done”, or “redo your work and return”, etc.

6) If you wanted to give a gift from the whole class, you can make a “money-tree” and have every parent in the class donate a $5 or $10 giftcard to anywhere. It doesn’t cost a lot, and a teacher will get a nice assortment of giftcards. See pictures and instructions on making a “money-tree” here.

How do you show your child’s teachers they are appreciated, especially if you are on a budget?


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