Our mailbox

Our pitiful mailbox has been in dire need of attention ever since we bought our current house. But ever since getting ourselves into something called a “foreclosure” a year and a half ago, we’ve been pre-occupied with inside work on the house mostly, making it livable and pretty, and the falling-off mailbox hasn’t made the top on our list of repair priorities.

So, I guess to prompt us to action, we needed a small kick in the rear, you might say. One lovely day in September our mailman had finally had enough. Opening the door of the mailbox to stick a chunky stack of junkmail in, he almost couldn’t close it back up, because the whole mailbox has been held up by one nail, that was about to come out. So he left us a piece of mail of his own.

So, what happens when you have this?

That’s right! You get this:

Isn’t it funny how the picture on the left really resembles our poor mailbox? 😉 My husband thought that they came and took a picture of ours to put on their form 🙂 He gave us exactly one week to fix the problem, otherwise our mail delivery would discontinue. Nothing like a little friendly threat 🙂

So, here is the result:



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My name is Irina. I blog over at https://simplemotherhood.wordpress.com/ about the joys and challenges of motherhood, our love of travel and how we manage to travel all around the world with 3 children. I also love reading, saving money, and everything from gardening, healthy living, and frugality to scrapbooking, menu planning, and tea parties. I enjoy decorating, organizing, and homeschooling my children.
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