October fun

It is really windy outside today, here in New England, although I must admit that the fall colors are just beautiful.

I have been really busy these past few months, with the birth of my second little boy, with E. starting pre-school and the full array of the fall activities and all the driving around it involves… And October is going to be really busy for me – with field trips/farm visits, birthday parties, women’s craft night at church, Iron Sharpens Iron Women’s Conference (for the first time in New England), tea party again at my house and trick-or-treating with all of the kids from our small group at Sandy’s neighborhood. I am actually really looking forward to the Iron Sharpens Iron conference – with speakers like Elizabeth George, Sally Clarkson, and Eliza Morgan – how could I not go?

As for the women’s craft night at church – hopefully I’ll be able to get a good start on C.’s first year scrapbook. I’m thinking of keeping it much less complicated than I did for E.’s scrapbook to hopefully just keep up with it.

And for the tea party – let’s just say there’s a lot of fun planning involved. 🙂 Can’t wait for all the fellowship with my girls again!


About simplemotherhood

My name is Irina. I blog over at https://simplemotherhood.wordpress.com/ about the joys and challenges of motherhood, our love of travel and how we manage to travel all around the world with 3 children. I also love reading, saving money, and everything from gardening, healthy living, and frugality to scrapbooking, menu planning, and tea parties. I enjoy decorating, organizing, and homeschooling my children.
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